Medicaid Expansion, Redistricting and Petition Protests

Medicaid expansion will create jobs and save lives

I was proud to introduce legislation this week that will clear the way for Medicaid expansion in North Carolina. Expanding Medicaid will help 500,000 North Carolinians receive health insurance and create over 50,000 good-paying, permanent jobs. The refusal to expand Medicaid sends billions of of tax dollars to other states every year. I look forward to working with my colleagues in both chambers to move this much needed legislation to the floor.

SB 181 Overreaches – seeks unnecessary Wake County Commission district changes

The Senate introduced legislation this month that redraws the districts of the Wake County Commission. The new map will divide Wake County’s communities, create uncompetitive partisan districts and diminish voters’ ability to actually choose who represents them. That is why I plan to work with my colleagues in the House to kill, or at least improve, this unnecessary and intrusive action.

Why I voted against HB 201 – the elimination of protest petitions

Protest petitions help level the playing field between developers and neighbors during contentious rezoning and planning debates. As a Cary town councilor, I saw protest petitions used to improve development plans, bring stakeholders to the table, and protect the property rights of homeowners and small businesses. Unfortunately, the house chose to eliminate this powerful and necessary tool. Despite my efforts to positively amend the bill, I was unable to vote for the final version. I hope that the Senate will stand with homeowners and vote down House Bill 201.